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Meet the Talk Nukes! Kamishibai Bike (in progress)

Among the good fortune we’ve encountered on this kamishibai adventure, perhaps the most awesome experience has been the development & overhauling of the bicycle I’ll use to pedal the kamishibai theater around.  A friend of mine, Ross, is an amazing marine carpenter. He patiently walked me through a design process– including construction of a cardboard stage & box, then tackled cutting it from marine plywood.

I usually stood around and tried not to hurt myself on anything, while Ross pointed out that the bike needed some work.  The bike is a 1950-1952 (haven’t looked up the serial yet) Raleigh Roadster, a springy Dunlop saddle & sports a German book rack. A turn of the century kerosene lamp is fixed onto the front, probably a reproduction, but very cool anyways, complete with green and red markings for right and left.

I took a few photos as we worked on the box; me, covered in transmission oil trying to get rust off the bike, Ross, working wonders with his hands and impressive power saws.


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concerned parents for nuke-free socal.


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