Get Involved

 Ways to get involved and help us TALK NUKES

Volunteer skills & donate unwanted goods:

We’re all for barter & trade economies, too–if you can help with anything please contact us!

CURRENTLY NEED: a Dutch-style ‘townie bike’ with step-through or ‘mixie’ frame, screen printing setup & studio time, carpentry skill & materials to make a stage,

Can you volunteer your time and expertise?  grassroots organizers, musicians, storytellers, illustrators and graphic designers.  Please contact us: email:TALK NUKES!

Do you own a bike shop, print shop or can you arrange free or low-cost web-hosting/admin? any help is appreciated and we’re currently on the lookout for a place to prepare photo emulsion screen printing screens. 

Post, tweet & help spread the word about TALK NUKES! If you know artists, storytellers & cyclists–or anyone who’d like to TALK NUKES! Please share our project idea & email:TALK NUKES!

Download a one-pager PDF about Talk Nukes



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